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There are several settable flags which affect how oer works. oer has global, channel, admin and user flags. All flags can be set either by directly editing oer config files (when oer isn't running) or from IRC.

Global Flags
Flag Availability Description Notices
b 1.0-47 or newer keep precedent versions of the configuration files filenames are appended with a .bak suffix
d 1.0-52 or newer on startup create a internal dynamic admin named *INTDYN* if set you can control oer from oer's userhost (user@host)
f 1.0-28 or newer respond to CTCP queries from anyone -
g 1.0-47 or newer get and keep nick oer will try as long as necessary to get it's primary nick
l - logging of all IRC traffic be careful, the oer-<pid>.raw logs will eat tons of disk space
m 1.0-41 or newer messages instead of notices for private replies, not preferred
n oer+MySQL 1.0-26 or newer new kind of last & seen logging joins and messages of all channels are logged into 2 tables
o oer+MySQL enable output logging -
p oer 1.0-51 or newer disables stoned server detection aka. ping-pong (some networks have it disabled) if you set this, consider setting a line noise value for the server in question (otherwise oer might never detect that it was disconnected from the server)
q 1.0-28 or newer switch on Q friendly mode if set, the nick "Q" is allowed to do modes on any channel oer is on even if "Q" hasn't been added to the channel as user
s 1.0-41 or newer switch on services if set, the services that have been added to oer using the "add service" command are allowed to do modes on any channel oer is on
S oer+MySQL 1.0-39 or newer allow shared oer+MySQL setup in order for oer+MySQL to notice that data contained in the database has changed, oer+MySQL has to constantly poll the database so unless you need a shared setup don't set this flag or it will cause you extra CPU cycles, database/network bandwidth etc.

oer+MySQL State Flags
Flag Availability Description Notices
-LS - disable logging of last and seen information overrides channel flags (of all channels)
-q - disable on-join quoting -"-
+ro - read only mode, no database updates -

Channel Flags
Flag Availability Description Notices
! 1.0-35 or newer channel is inactive and won't be joined -
a - channel has ansi protection -
A 1.0-31 or newer channel has on join adverts -
b - oer's hostmask is to be protected from bans on channel -
c 1.0-50 or newer disallow ACTIONS on channel -
D 1.0-40 or newer protect users with at least "o" from being de-opped -
e - channel has perm bans -
f - channel has public message flood protection -
F - channel has friends -
G 1.0-36 or newer flood check for everyone services and admins aren't checked
k 1.0-48 or newer channel has nick flood protection -
l - channel can be locked -
L - logging of public messages be careful, the last log could eat tons of disk space and eventually slow oer down if you have the "q" flag set
m - channel has mass de-op protection -
M 1.0-45 or newer only admins are allowed to alter user hostmasks -
n - channel has nick ban-kick protection -
N 1.0-47 or newer chanops not on bot with at least "o" are seen as normal users -
o - auto op bot users with "o" flag -
O 1.0-28 or newer auto op global admins even if not on bot with "o" flag -
p - process post netjoin activities for channel -
P 1.0-30 or newer require that dyn-users are authed at all times use together with "u" flag
q - channel has on join quoting -
r - channel has auto rejoin & part rejoin protection -
R 1.0-53 or newer channel uses operservice's requestop feature -
s 1.0-48 or newer bstats, chaninfo, date, ext, help, info, last, nstats, queuestats, quote, seen, sstats and uptime will work for anyone think before you set this flag, virtually anyone can flood oer if this flag is set
S - logging of channel joins be careful, the seen log could eat tons of disk space
t 1.0-47 or newer topic lock all topic changes should go through oer
T 1.0-35 or newer if set oer will not handle topics for the channel -
u - only bot users with "o" flag can be channel operators -
U 1.0-35 or newer only allow bot users with "a" or "o" flag to use oer -
v - auto voice bot users with "v" flag -
V 1.0-49 or newer auto voice global admins even if not on bot with "v" flag -
w - channel has word ban-kick protection -
x 1.0-49 or newer do not expire logons -
X 1.0-54 or newer no fun flag if set only admins are allowed to use action & say

Admin Flags
Flag Availability Description Notices
d - admin is dynamic dynamic admins have to get authed, see autheds
n - admin can't be deleted -

User Flags
Flag Availability Description Notices
! - user is inactive/disabled -
a - user has admin rights on channel only global admins can add, change or remove channel admins
d - user is dynamic dynamic users have to get authed, see autheds
f - user is a friend user won't be kicked on rk, rbk, lock and is allowed to flood, auto re-join, use ansi and bad words
m 1.0-45 or newer user isn't allowed to alter his own hostmasks -
n 1.0-59 or newer user isn't allowed to invoke commands -
o - user is operator on channel -
r - user has permission to use rk and rbk on channel -
s oer+MySQL 1.0-34 or newer user is a special user just like a service but for a user, set this to your oer+MySQL user(s) in a shared oer+MySQL environment
v - user has voice on channel -
x - public messages from user won't be logged -

Command line Parameters
Parameter Argument Availability Description Notices
-a ident oer+MySQL 1.0-33 or newer oer+MySQL ident that is used in querying the database for admins allows sharing of admins between 2 or more bots
-c - - console mode oer won't run as a background process, useful if running oer under screen
-d 0..9 - sets debug level 0 = no debug, 9 = flood
-f filename (oer+MySQL) or directory (oer) oer+MySQL and oer-1.0-61 specify config to load (oer+MySQL) or the base directory where oer should look for it's config files (oer) defaults to oer+MySQL.conf (oer+MySQL) and the current directory (oer)
-h - - show available command line parameters -
-l alternative logging directory oer 1.0-60 or newer enable alternative logging directory last, seen, output and raw logs will be written to the specified directory
-o - - save debug output to <pid>.output -
-s 0 or 1 - ignore or obey SIGINT & SIGTERM signals defaults to 1 (obey)
-u ident oer+MySQL 1.0-19 or newer oer+MySQL ident that is used in querying the database for channel users allows sharing of channel users between 2 or more bots
-t state flags oer+MySQL 1.0-19 or newer specify state flags enclose the state flags in ""
-v - - show oer version information -