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Latest released oer and oer+MySQL
Archived News
11.12.2004 I added oer 1.0-66 and oer+MySQL 1.0-43 to testing
08.10.2004 I released a differential patch for -64
02.10.2004 I released oer 1.0-65 (it's a bug fix only release)
04.07.2004 I added oer 1.0-65 to testing
08.02.2004 Rakkis has extended oer and oer+MySQL with perl scripting
08.01.2004 I released oer 1.0-64 and oer+MySQL 1.0-42
Latest oer version in testing: 1.0-66
Latest oer+MySQL version in testing: 1.0-43
Latest oersync version in testing: 0.0.7
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