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23.06.2003 I did some work on the download area
23.06.2003 You probably figured it out yourself but just in case: the sort order of news changed (latest first)
17.06.2003 I did some work on the FAQ database, check it out
11.06.2003 Want to use NickServ with oer's Q auth mechanism? See the steps involved
04.06.2003 Based on user feedback I have splitted the newbie guide into 2 different guides: getting started and newbie guide (I also did some additional work on the latter)
01.04.2003 oer 1.0-64 and oer+MySQL 1.0-42 are slowly stabilizing themselves as real release candidates, please give them a spin and report any problems to me
10.03.2003 oer+MySQL 1.0-41 contains a bug which can cause a segfault, here is a patch to fix that
27.02.2003 I updated the web site (fixed some CSS/HTML, updated links, ...)
24.02.2003 I added oer 1.0-64 and oer+MySQL 1.0-42 to testing (use only for testing, sevearly broken!)
19.02.2003 Added #wuzap to the support page
23.01.2003 I released oer 1.0-63 and oer+MySQL 1.0-41 (includes official IPv6 support)
05.01.2003 Added IPv6 support to oer/oer+MySQL, now available in testing
22.12.2002 Rakkis at has written a IPv6 patch for oer and oer+MySQL
09.12.2002 The part/signoff behaviour in the newest ircu (the IRC daemon used in Undernet, QuakeNet, ..) breaks oer and oer+MySQL, get a fixed version from testing until I come up with the final release
28.11.2002 I added oer 1.0-63 and oer+MySQL 1.0-41 to testing
27.11.2002 I added oersync 0.0.6 to testing
26.11.2002 I released oersync 0.0.5
15.11.2002 I released oer 1.0-62 and oer+MySQL 1.0-40
12.11.2002 There is a security hole in oer 1.0-60, -61 and oer+MySQL 1.0-38, -39. You are encouraged to upgrade to oer 1.0-62 or oer+MySQL 1.0-40 from testing until I come up with the final release
11.11.2002 Report your oer/oer+MySQL uptimes to me!
05.11.2002 I released oersync 0.0.4
05.11.2002 I released oersync 0.0.3
01.11.2002 I added oer 1.0-62 to testing
30.10.2002 I released oer 1.0-61 and oer+MySQL 1.0-39
27.10.2002 I expect to release oer 1.0-61 and oer+MySQL 1.0-39 next week
27.10.2002 I released oersync 0.0.2
22.10.2002 Vekotin updated his oer-extscripts pages
26.08.2002 I added oer 1.0-61 to testing
17.08.2002 I added oer+MySQL 1.0-39 to testing
20.07.2002 I released oer-1.0-60 and oer+MySQL-1.0-38
16.07.2002 I expect to release oer-1.0-60 and oer+MySQL-1.0-38 real soon now
15.07.2002 I have updated the FAQ database quite a bit, have a look
18.06.2002 I added oer-1.0-60 and oer+MySQL-1.0-38 to testing
12.06.2002 I released oer-1.0-59 and oer+MySQL-1.0-37 (sorry that it took so long)
13.05.2002 I updated the Links section
10.05.2002 I finally managed to write a user manual (work in progress)
09.05.2002 I added oer-1.0-59 and oer+MySQL-1.0-37 to testing
09.05.2002 I released oer-1.0-58 and oer+MySQL-1.0-36
09.05.2002 I redesigned the web site, Thanks to tsh for convincing me to do it!
08.05.2002 I updated the Support section
24.04.2002 Updated the Links section
18.04.2002 Updated the Support section
16.04.2002 I added oer-1.0-58 and oer+MySQL-1.0-36 to testing
16.04.2002 I released oer-1.0-57 and oer+MySQL-1.0-35
10.04.2002 I added oer-1.0-57 and oer+MySQL-1.0-35 to testing
10.04.2002 I released oer-1.0-56 and oer+MySQL-1.0-34
28.03.2002 Updated the "oer assistance on IRC" section: #Finlandia is now also on EQUNet
17.03.2002 #botserv added to IRC links
10.03.2002 I added oer-1.0-56 and oer+MySQL-1.0-34 to testing
09.03.2002 Updated the "oer assistance on IRC" section
01.03.2002 I released oer-1.0-55 and oer+MySQL-1.0-33
19.02.2002 I added oer-1.0-55 and oer+MySQL-1.0-33 to testing
16.02.2002 I released oer-1.0-54 and oer+MySQL-1.0-32
10.02.2002 #oerservice added to IRC links
04.02.2002 I added oer-1.0-54 and oer+MySQL-1.0-32 to testing
28.01.2002 I released oer-1.0-53 and oer+MySQL-1.0-31
19.01.2002 If you want to create nice HTML statistics from your oer logs, go here
16.01.2002 I added oer-1.0-53 and oer+MySQL-1.0-31 to testing
15.01.2002 I released oer-1.0-52 and oer+MySQL-1.0-30
12.01.2002 #Finlandia @ QuakeNET added to IRC links
06.01.2002 I added oer-1.0-52 and oer+MySQL-1.0-30 to testing
06.01.2002 I released oer-1.0-51 and oer+MySQL-1.0-29
27.12.2001 I added oer-1.0-51 and oer+MySQL-1.0-29 to testing
27.12.2001 I released oer+MySQL-1.0-28 that fixes the add channel bug in -27
24.12.2001 Added a notice to IRC links, Merry Christmas to all oer users out there!
21.12.2001 Lacking any bug reports from my testers, I released oer-1.0-50 and oer+MySQL-1.0-27
20.12.2001 I added oer-1.0-50 and oer+MySQL-1.0-27 to testing (I'll try to release them ASAP)
14.12.2001 I released oer-1.0-49 and oer+MySQL-1.0-26
13.12.2001 Removed #oerbots from IRC links (inactive)
13.12.2001 Here is a short guide how to run oer on Windows
13.12.2001 I added a link to the oer and oer+MySQL FAQ database
07.12.2001 I updated oer-1.0-49 and oer+MySQL-1.0-26 in testing
07.12.2001 #heinasirkka added to IRC links
03.11.2001 Added a link to the testing directory
03.11.2001 Added a link to the call graph of oer+MySQL 1.0-24
03.11.2001 Fixed the download script so now you should be able to use wget/lynx again